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additive printingRapid additive printing is mainly focused on giving a way to quality 3D printing to the esteemed clients who are involved in providing a global interface to the printing exercises of creating a three dimensional solid object of virtually any varying shape from a digital model by placing successive layers of materials in different shapes. Rapid additive printing is used in almost every sphere of market and manufacturing industry and every product in the market demands a hologram on.

Rapid additive printing involves the process of 3D printing using digital technology and as per the recent market surveys, it seems that the three dimensional printing has made a good hold in the market and has become the priority for almost every industry in the market which is evident from the figures of market for 3D printers and machines that has increased to $2.2 billion in the year 2012, nearly 30% increase from the year 2011 and yet to increase further. Rapid additive printing ensures a complete uniqueness of a product in the market enabling the consumers to stay away from duplicity.